Partnership with New Museum to Establish Residency for Cheng Ran


08.2016 – 10.2019


New Museum, New York


Cheng Ran

The New Museum and the K11 Art Foudaion (KAF) announced a new partnership to support a residency and exhibition programme for young Chinese artists. One of the most dynamic art institutions at work in Greater China today, KAF has, since 2010, supported a series of artist residencies in China and initiated major new productions by emerging Chinese artists internationally. KAF and the New Museum share a common mission to empower and incubate the talent of artists by facilitating the production of new works and providing opportunities for presentation locally and globally.

After reviewing more than fifty portfolios and interviewing more than fifteen artists, the New Museum and KAF have selected Hangzhou-based artist Cheng Ran for a three-month residency in New York City, which will culminate in an exhibition in the New Museum’s Lobby Gallery. Cheng Ran work in residence at the Museum’s adjacent 231 Bowery studio space from August to October 2016, with his exhibition opening to the public in October 2016. Though his work has been exhibited internationally, the New Museum show will be the artist’s first US solo exhibition and the result of his first visit to the United States.