Kollectors series: Media in Motion


17.01.2019 – 07.04.2019


11 am – 6 pm


3/F, chi art space, 663 Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Art continues to evolve with technological changes and innovations. With the invention of the first motion-picture camera in the 19th century and the sweeping emergence of new forms of electronic and interactive communications such as video, computer, and the internet in the 20th century, art making has no longer been confined to long-standing historical mediums such as oil painting and ceramics. Adapting to these technological transformations, artists have discovered unprecedented ways to document the world and respond to the changing perceptions of time, space, and motion.

As the second exhibition in Kollectors Series, presented by K11 Art Foundation, Media in Motion examines the approaches that artists use to communicate their interpretations of the practical uses and creative potentials of new media in the digital age. Video becomes an important medium to capture movement and the progression of time, allowing the often unnoticed details in daily life to be revealed. Alternative realities and pseudonymous identities are created to shed light on the challenges that people face in the ever-changing landscape of information exchange and global trade. Showcasing seven works by artists from China, Thailand, Korea, and Argentina, Media in Motion brings together practices that open up new possibilities in contemporary art.

From Hang Hau MTR Station: minibus no.11, 11M, or 101M; From Choi Hung MTR Station: minibus no.11