Kollectors series: Materials Musings


28.10.2019 - 02.01.2020


11am – 6pm


chi art space, 663 Clear Water Bay Road, Hong Kong

Featuring an exclusive selection of works from various private collections, Kollectors Series offers a unique perspective towards the development of contemporary art in China and beyond. The series presents the diverse experiments employed by artists in search of new ways of expression to communicate the experiences and emotions of their generation and respond to the cultural and economic transformations in contemporary societies.

Material Musings, as the first edition of Kollectors Series, centres on one of the fundamental issues of art-making – what an artist uses to create a work of art. Oil paints, ink, ceramics, clay and paper are, to name a few, materials involved in the act of constructing a work. The materials employed allow us to trace the artist’s thoughts and struggles in the creative process and look into the cultures, histories and traditions expressed within.

Beginning with artists who work with traditional mediums, such as Laura Owens and Betty Woodman, the exhibition examines how artists expand their interpretations of the materials of their choice and thereby challenge the established historical conventions. You will see that painting is no longer an unchanging form of art confined to being oil paints on canvas only; non-painterly materials such as powdered charcoal and sand are incorporated to create painterly surfaces. Ceramics, rather than being works of craft, can be assemblages of objects that poise interesting relationships between colour, surface and space.  Intangible digital mediums such as video and film also provide a new dimension for artists to reinterpret artistic traditions. On view at chi art space in Clear Water Bay, the exhibition takes you to explore the infinite possibilities of materials through the innovative approaches adopted by artists from China, the United States, and Europe.

From Hang Hau MTR Station: minibus no.11, 11M, or 101M; From Choi Hung MTR Station: minibus no.11