Katharina Grosse: Mumbling Mud Catalogue

Exhibited in Shanghai and Guangzhou from 2018 to 2019, Mumbling Mud was highly acclaimed German artist Katharina Grosse’s first solo exhibition in China. Using the spray gun as her primary painting tool, Grosse applied variegated swaths of paint across the walls of exhibition spaces, her own bed, an entire house and its surroundings, and arranged objects such as mounds of soil and tree trunks to create large-scale site-related paintings. Now, Katharina Grosse: Mumbling Mud Catalogue launches as a published extension of the exhibition documenting a sharing by the curators alongside exclusive interviews and stories from Grosse and Chinese artists she met during her research visit including Cao Fei, Li Ming and Cui Jie, Zhang Enli as well as Zheng Guogu. These enriching dialogues gave Katharina priceless inspiration for Mumbling Mud.

Exclusively available at K11 Art & Cultural Centre and K11 Design Store.