K11 MUSEA, K11 ARTUS & K11 Craft and Guild Foundation | guided tour and cocktail reception



K11 MUSEA, a project inspired by a Muse by the Sea, it combines over a hundred local and international architects, designers and artists to curate a cultural silicon valley. Through this, we can immerse art and design into daily lives and create an imaginative journey.

K11 Craft & Guild Foundation was founded by Dr. Adrian Cheng in 2018 with a mission to conserve and rejuvenate fast-disappearing Chinese traditional craftsmanship. The foundation builds research initiatives, public educational programmes and craft modernisations in a multi-disciplinary approach aiming to enhance urban experiences and expand potential markets of Chinese crafts internationally.

In collaboration with K11 ARTUS, Curious Wonders is a debut exhibition by K11 Craft & Guild Foundation that showcases K11 ARTUS private collection of antiques from the Ming and Qing dynasties and the foundation’s effort in conserving and rejuvenating fast-disappearing Chinese traditional craftsmanship. In this exhibition, a traveller’s trunk has been whimsically converted into a modern interpretation of the curiosity cabinet. On display are two types of antique crafts: baibaoqian (semi-precious stone inlays) and guangcai (Canton enamel porcelains). With these craft works used as both functional objects in daily living and works of art with distinct aesthetics made to delight and impress, we hope to demonstrate the relevance of these age-old treasures in a creative and contemporary setting. Next to the curiosity cabinet, a 1:1 replica of a lion plaster-moulded sculpture from the roof of the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou is on display. Models of wooden caisson ceilings commonly seen in the Zhejiang Ningshao area are also exhibited, flaunting the broad range of architectural wonders found in different regions of China.