K11 Group X ArtReview Artist-in-Residence Open Call



Co-presented by international contemporary art magazine ArtReview and K11 Group, a one-year artist-in-residence programme will be hosted in K11 art village in Wuhan, China in 2023 and 2024, seeking to build a meaningful cultural exchange programme between artists from China and those from the rest of the world. The residency will host up to 20 emerging artists recruited through a two-month worldwide open call and selected by ArtReview and K11 Art Foundation. All artists regardless of background, age or career are welcome.

The residency will offer each artist an integrated studio and living space, and a curated outreach programme encompassing studio visits and seminars. The programme encourages interactions and exchanges between the artists and the local art students, art practitioners and the neighbourhood. Programme will include K11 Master Class, offline sharing sessions, panel discussions and K11 Kulture Academy workshops. In order to offer residents’ bespoke learning opportunities, four international acclaimed artists would be invited to be their mentors throughout the programme. Residents would also have the opportunity to participate in K11 Art Foundation’s international arts and education projects. An exhibition of the research and works by the residents will be held in 2024 to conclude the year-long residency.

About K11 Art Village

K11 art village was inaugurated in 2011 in Wuhan. Encompassing seven studios and a 500-square-metre exhibition space for the artist-in-residence programme, the innovative platform seeks to nurture emerging art practitioners. It cultivates young talents and aids their artistic career development via the provision of curatorial, project management and creative communication guidance, while encouraging discourse and exchange with the local community and among artists in the neighbourhood. 

Over the past decade, K11 art village has partnered with institutions including the Nissan Art Award, Japan, the Royal Academy of Arts, UK, British Consulate General in China and Consulate General of France in Wuhan.  Over the past decade, K11 art village has partnered with institutions including the Nissan Art Award, Japan, the Royal Academy of Arts, UK, British Consulate General in China and Consulate General of France in Wuhan.  

Application Details

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from all artists, regardless of background, age or career. 

What form should my application take?

Your application should be sent via email as a single PDF file (under 25MB), and should include the following:

  1. A 500-word proposal, written in Chinese or English, for a project to be completed with and for the benefit of local communities in the towns surrounding Wuhan
  2. Up to 5 images that summarise your artistic practice
  3. Your CV (maximum 2 pages)

N.B. Applications sent in a different format will not be considered.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a creative video introducing their artistic practices and post on TikTok platform with the hashtags #K11艺术驻留 and #K11artistresidency. 

Shortlisted applications and their submitted materials will be released on K11GO for public exposure and voting. Professional juries K11 Art Foundation and ArtReview shall assess the applications based on the selection guidelines. Successful artists will be selected based on a combination of public voting and professional jury assessment. 

Where and by when should my application be submitted?

Your application should be submitted to aropencall2023@k11.com with the subject line and header:

‘KAF x AR Residency 2023’, followed by your name.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 April, 2023

What are the requirements and timeframe of the project? 

Successful applicants shall arrange transportation to and from K11 art village, Wuhan, and travel VISA if needed. Your project should be carried out and finished during the term of your residency, which lasts 3 months. 

When is the residency?

Winners can select from 4 periods:

June – August 2023
September – November 2023
December 2023 – February 2024
March – May 2024

How will successful artists be chosen?

The residency programme seeks to promote three key elements to maintain its mission’s balance: your creative inspiration, your relationship to other artists and the Foundation’s team, and your active exchange with the communities.

The jury will base its decision on the quality of your application, the potential for your community project and its feasibility within the region, while keeping in mind that the project can evolve or adapt to the possibilities of the communities.

Successful artists will work with an international artist-mentor during the residency, to enrich the scope and ambition of each proposal while deepening communication and relationships with fellow artists, the Foundation and the community.