In Artist's Residence


From March 2020

Online contributors

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Isaac Chong, Alina Kopytsa and more names to be announced.

KAF has launched a new and original In Artist’s Residence Programme to support the local art community during the global pandemic since early 2020. Instead of inviting artists to station at a designated space, In Artist’s Residence, as the name suggests, takes us to some local artists’ residences, as known as their home studios. We interviewed artists in the most candid setting, unveiling their work-in-progress, ways of working, and perhaps ways of living. The ongoing programme will extend beyond local visits. We will include more local artists and curators, and will continue to initiate and curate programmes that are relevant to the present. Stay tuned!  

'Every morning I wake up and see everything around me as in an exhibition. I don't think there is a huge difference between what I see at an exhibition and what I see outside the exhibition,' said Tang Kwok Hin as he pointed to the living room where he showcased many of his past works. ⠀  

‘My working desk and my vanity in my bedroom are both important.’ said Wong Ka Ying as she pointed to her working corner. Watch to learn how she sees WFH and her ways of working on art-making/curating, and around her living/working area.⠀  

Him Lo shares his thoughts on staying home to make art, ‘I can create my works in the comfort of my home where I have access to the tools at all times. If you have something on hands, you can just try it right away.’   

It is not ideal if 'home' is merely a place of rest. We managed to visit Ocean Leung's home studio before he's moved! Watch to see how a 'studio' becomes a ‘home’ and how Ocean makes use of his studio space.  

'Home is a place where you don’t have to warm up to enter the right state of mind,' says artist Ho Sin Tung as she demonstrates what she has been doing to recharge her body and mind.

As an artist, a writer, and an art critic, Chan Sai Lok seldom omits literature while making art. Watch to learn more about his artistic approach and his practice of criticising his own work.