‘Garden, Zen and Art’ Talk

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The Garden




chi art space, 663 Clear Water Bay Road, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong



Through the use of a broad range of materials and mediums, the curator and participating artists of The Garden transform chi art space into a beautiful ‘garden’ that offered an idyllic, undisturbed setting where we could scrutinise the changing shapes of nature. The talk Garden, Zen and Art was one of the public programmes accompanying The Garden, and will be hosted by landscape architect Clayton An. The Dean of School of Landscape Architecture of Huali College Guangdong University of Technology, An has undertaken a lot of projects carried out in South China. At the talk, he has explored the miniature landscape formed in The Garden from in the context of landscape architecture with us. The talk also discussed how landscape architecture and zen echo each other in the East, and how it is applied in contemporary art practice.