City As Studio | Beyond the Walls: The Greater Bay Area's Street Art Revolution




5 – 6 pm


6F, Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA


Beyond the Walls: The Greater Bay Area's Street Art Revolution


Bao Ho, artist; Kristopher Ho, artist; and SATR, artist


Nichol Kong, Deputy Head of Partnership Development ;Advisor, Asia Leadership Roundtable, China Daily Asia Pacific

City As Studio features some of the most renowned artists who helped shape the global graffiti and street art movements from the start. What has been happening in other cities closer to us? Join our street art masters Bao Ho, SATR, and Kristopher Ho as they share their insights and discuss the creative processes behind some of the street art in the Greater Bay Area.

The artists' versatility in creating within various urban landscapes has led to the emergence of oriental-styled works that are making a significant impact on the global stage. Bao Ho's journey from Milan inspired her remarkable style in freehand doodling and manga drawing. Kristopher uses black markers to create striking monochromatic murals inspired by comics and Japanese manga. SATR's style combines spray paint atomization with traditional Chinese painting techniques and western graffiti, resulting in stunning depictions of wild animals with smoky edges. Let us all go beyond the walls and discover what is behind the scenes.