Cheng Ting Ting's exhibition ‘Enfante’ Guided Tours

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Cheng Ting Ting's exhibition ‘Enfante’


20.07.2017 & 04.08.2017


18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


Chris Huen and Ocean Leung

Enfante pivots on Hong Kong artist Cheng Ting Ting’s observations in her classroom as an early childhood art instructor, shedding light on the attitudes towards education and creativity in society at large. The artist is always fascinated by the personalities and capabilities of her students – some accomplish the learning objectives she sets with ease, while others require step-by-step guidance from her or insist on experimenting with their own ways of craft making. All these differences she sees at close quarters are captured with her colourful palette.The time she spends with her students prompts her to recollect and dig out her own growing-up experiences and childhood sketches, to which she responds in an art book specially made for this exhibition, an attempt to, at the same time, trace her artistic journey. Enfante also witnesses the opening up of new paths in Cheng’s painting-based practice as she experiments with other media, such as printmaking and projection.