Both Sides Now II: Artist-in-residence Daniel Shanken


19.07.2015 – 15.08.2015


K11 art village, Wuhan

Both Sides Now II – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times is the second phase of a long-term project that proposes (historical) re-readings of artists’ moving image from Hong Kong, China and the UK. By selecting video works of art, animations and documentary films, produced by Hong Kong and UK artists from 1989 to 2014, the project reinterprets the experience of here and now by looking into the potentially excluded and forgotten moving images of Hong Kong.

Unconscious and dysmorphia are the concepts that appear frequently in Daniel Shanken’s works, one of the artist in Both Sides Now II. His works are mainly in the mediums of video, sculpture, installation and photography. Within Daniel’s practice he examines unconscious systems of influence and representation embedded through biological evolution and cultural construction. He draws from advertising, scripted architecture (e.g. shopping malls, theme parks), neurology, hypnosis and other associated areas that are currently using these systems to unconsciously manipulate choice and perception. He attempts to employ these systems—aiming to script and direct unconscious modes of attention within the viewing of his work.