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Mr Adrian Cheng founded the brand K11 in 2008 with a focus on three core values, Art, People and Nature. He then founded the K11 Art Foundation in 2010 and built an artist village in Wuhan that serves as an incubating springboard to groom young emerging contemporary Chinese artist and educate the mass about art and creativity. Adrian believes that art is for the mass and he successfully merges this with commerce and created a sustainable "art x commerce" K11 business model, creating lifestyle art malls, offices and residences in Greater China.

The flagship K11 Art Mall were launched in Hong Kong and Shanghai in December 2009 and June 2013 respectively. The K11 Multi-Cultural Living District in Wuhan and K11 ECO HOME in Beijing were opened in 2010. Art villages in Guiyang was opened in August 2009 and Wuhan in December 2011. Adrian is keen to further develop this innovative concept with 19 more projects in 11 cities across China, including Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing, Qingdao, Guanggu, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Guiyang, Haikou and Ningbo providing a total gross floor area of 1.6 million sq m.


To be a sustainable incubation force in the global ecosystem of art, design and creativity, and to create strong public desire for the local contemporary art scene:

K11 Art Foundation Limited, (“KAF” or “K11 Art Foundation”), is a Hong Kong charitable institution that serves as a sustainable incubating springboard where young emerging artists from Greater China are nurtured and their creative ideas and contribution to humanity globally manifested.

Through our innovative educational programmes, art spaces, art database across Greater China and unique collection of contemporary art, KAF provides local communities, especially young and inquisitive members of our generation, easy access to appreciate art and thereby elevates our collective understanding of culture.


KAF is to offer a creative platform to talented young artists from Greater China, and provide them opportunities to realise and showcase their full potential via amicable collaborations and cross-regional experimentations regionally and globally.

Through research, initiatives and partnerships, and harnessing the passion and energy of our active participants, KAF facilitates the public to enjoy a diverse array of programmes and exhibitions that will enrich the city’s art scene and enable it to become the leading multi-cultural art hub among its neighbouring peers.

Art for the Masses — the extensive network and resources of K11 in Hong Kong and Mainland China catalyse a continuous interaction among artists, students, office occupants, patrons and the general public to strengthen art appreciation and awareness for our current and future generations.

Leveraging on the success of the flourishing K11 Art Space Workshops, K11 Art Village, K11 Artist-in-Residence Programme, K11 Artist Klub and K11 Kollection, the activities and infrastructure in these convenient destinations and their outreach extensions allow KAF to attract and engage a steady stream of participating audiences and maximise the public exposure of local artists and programmes.

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